Fama Quartet plays Hedgehogs

A small tasting evening of new music for string quartet: compositions by 3 promising students of the J. Ježek Conservatory - 3 Janes: Šesták, Drábek and Skorunka, like three kinds of young wine by young creative winemakers who honour tradition while following their own preferences and passions for rhythm, harmony, colour and form of sonic goodness. All introduced and concluded with works by well-known masters of the genre: Czech legend Martin Smolka and American minimalist icon Philip Glass. Enjoy!

Fama Quartet - a string quartet for contemporary music was formed in 2005 in Prague by members of leading Czech orchestras who share a passion for chamber music. The quartet regularly performs works by masters of the 20th century avant-garde, as well as premieres of works by Czech and international composers.

Jan Šesták is an author originally from Česká Skalice. His musical language is imbued with playfulness and wit. The pair of pieces for string trio depict the complementary contrast of the passion and unbridledness of the Rhapsody and the strict order and form of the Fugue. The pun in the title Dioptrio points to the necessity of looking at the piece through this dual lens.

Jan Drábek is a proud composer from Brno who is inspired by styles ranging from Romanticism, Impressionism and Minimalism to Jazz and Rock. In his piece Trio di formaggi, he discovers rich harmonic colours and rhythms that will get your feet moving.

Jan Skorunka is a versatile artist from Hradec Králové. He likes to cross different genres and is not afraid to combine the world of classical music with electronic or popular music. Outside of his studies he makes his living as a music producer and audio engineer. His first string quartet is an experiment in which he implements his own melodic-harmonic thinking into the unknown world of strings#praguejazz

David Danel, Roman Hranička - violin
Ondřej Martinovský - viola
Balász Adorján - cello


In pre-sale (until 21. 5.): 220 CZK,
On the day of the concert + at the venue: 270 CZK

Seating only, seats are not numbered.