Organize your event in the most beautiful part of Vyšehrad - in the building of the Old Burgrave’s House from the 18th century, adjacent to the former princely and royal acropolis and the wall-walk above Podolí and Vltava.

The Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument offers a hall for rent for your performance, concert, corporate event, conference, training, teambuilding, presentation for clients or private event.


A hall with a capacity of up to 80 people in a theatre-like arrangement is equipped with a stage, high-quality lighting and sound technology, a projector and a projection screen. With a table arrangement, the capacity is reduced to 20 to 30 people, depending on the layout of the tables and the orientation of the occupants. A café arrangement is also possible in cooperation with proven suppliers, with whom catering can also be arranged (Café Citadela, the U Šemíka restaurant, catering by Holiday Inn).
In the case of standing events, the capacity of the hall is 100 people.

In addition to the hall, there is also a space in front of the Old Burgrave’s House (paved surface and part of the lawn), a foyer with a cloakroom and a toilet for spectators and facilities for performers (a cloakroom with a shower and WC).

The rental price also includes supervision of the event and basic cleaning afterwards, 80 wooden designer chairs and 10 tables, as well as 5 permits to enter the complex in a car. Parking is possible in K Pevnosti street (approx. 400 m away).


- per hour of an event: CZK 5,500 + VAT
- per hour of preparation: CZK 2,500 + VAT

Note: The price applies when using internal equipment or a contractual partner of the Vyšehrad NCM. In the case of cooperation with another supplier of furniture, technology or catering, there applies a surcharge of CZK 10,000.

If it is necessary to operate (i.e. not only prepare) lighting or sound equipment, the presence of a Vyšehrad NCM technician is necessary for an additional CZK 500 per hour.

Events in the area in front of the Old Burgrave’s House are set to end at 22:00 at the latest, inside events at 0:00. For lectures, cultural or charity events, a discount is possible by prior arrangement.

Renting the Old Burgrave's House (in Czech only)


Capacity: 80 seated persons/20-30 persons with table arrangement/100 persons standing
Stage: 5 x 4 x 0.6 m + 2pcs access stairs
Auditorium: 6 x 10 m
Chairs: 80 pcs
Tables: 10 pcs (80 x 138 cm)
Lights: FHR 1000 2 pcs, FHR 500 7 pcs, PAR 56 6 pcs, Manfroto tripod 2 pcs, ETC Coloursource light operator
Sound: Passive speaker Dynacord 2 pcs, active speaker RCF 708 2 pcs, speaker stand 2 pcs, microphone tripod K&M 4 pcs, Shure SM58 2 pcs, sound console Allen & Heath ZED-12FX
Projector: Full HD resolution with HDMI input with brightness of 5000 ANSI placed on a truss on the ceiling in front of the stage
Laptop: (for the projector) + presenter (remote switch for presentations)
Projection screen: 185 x 290 cm, electronic rolling, fixed above the stage