Ladislav Pazdera (*1989) also devoted himself completely to playing the acoustic guitar and belongs to a generation of musicians who grew up without genre boundaries. In his first solo album, Chiaroscuro, he treats a number of stylistic diverse influences and transforms them into highly distinctive and poignant compositions that represent a wide range of timbres and moods. The end result is an impressive display of lively temperament and superb playing, blending traditional influences from Andalusia and Eastern European music with Arabic culture, and at other times the lightness of the music of Brazilian music. The ever-changing moods and tones, the delicately elaborated passages and the sparkling dynamism lend Chiaroscuro an exceptional expressiveness. And it is in atmospheric nuances that are superior to any technique, where the full Ladislav’s expressive potential. The worldwide success of well-known acoustic guitar masters led by Tommy Emmanuel proves that even this humble instrument can inspire many folk and pop fans, flamenco and neoclassical music.

“One of the best young European guitarists.” - Don Ross, multiple award-winning
Canadian guitar virtuoso


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