The Bartered Bride

An unforgettable encounter with a symbol of Czech culture - the “most national” Czech opera at a memorable place of the Czech nation. On the first day of June, in the heart of Vyšehrad castle walls, the timeless comic story of faithful love that cannot be sold for all the ducats and cottages in the world will be performed. The opera people behind the successful production are mindful of tradition and the author’s intention, while at the same time emphasising clarity and attractiveness for contemporary audiences.

The opera is sensitively abridged, the musical accompaniment is chamber music (piano and two clarinets), and the artistic quality is high. The main roles are performed by leading Czech and Slovak singers (Peter Berger, Daniel Hůlka, Vladimír Chmelo and others), making Smetana’s most famous operatic work accessible to a wide range of audiences - from families with children and first-time viewers to opera enthusiasts. Treat yourself to a cultural experience above the shimmering Vltava River and come celebrate the Year of Czech Music and the 200th birthday of Bedřich Smetana at the place that was a great inspiration to him and where he found his final resting place.


Persons and cast:
Mařenka: Tereza Mátlová / Bronislava Smržová
Jeník: Peter Berger / Martin Šrejma / Peter Malý
Kecal: Daniel Hůlka
Vašek: Peter Malý / Vojtěch Pošvář
Krušina: Vladimír Chmelo
Krušinová: Markéta Dvořáková
Mícha: Petr Matuszek
Háta: Kateřina Jalovcová / Dagmar Drechslerová
Esmeralda: Dana Šťastná / Dagmar Drechslerová
Principál: Matěj Doležal
Indián: Jiří Stejskal
Hospodská: Petra Prýmková
Dítě: Rozárka Hůlková / Karolínka Smržová

Klavír: Ahmad Hedar
Klarinet: Aleš Hustoles / Tomáš Hustoles / Tomáš Čistecký
Akrobatická čísla: Taneční akrobacie Jurije Kolvy

Further information:

The performance is part of the Opera for the People project within the Czech Singing Institute and is held in cooperation with the Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument.

  • Duration of the performance: approx. 100 minutes + intermission
  • Entrance to the Summer Stage area is allowed 30 minutes before the start of the performance.
  • A refreshment stand is available on the Summer Stage.
  • Public toilets are located outside the Summer Stage near St Peter and Paul Cathedral.

The box office is open outside the entrance to the Vyšehrad Summer Stage on the day of the performance from 17:00 until the start of the performance.

  • Performances are also held in rain and inclement weather. The use of umbrellas during the performance is prohibited for safety reasons.
  • It is recommended to equip yourself for the performance with a raincoat and warm clothes or a blanket (it gets cold in the evening).

In the event of very bad weather, the performance may be cancelled on the spot and the audience will be informed by the organizer. Interruptions or cancellations due to inclement weather are at the sole discretion of the on-site promoter, and the performance is never cancelled in advance. The organiser reserves the right to postpone the start of the performance on site for a maximum of 30 minutes due to bad weather. In the event of cancellation, tickets will be exchanged for an alternative performance date.

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