The complex system of the Vyšehrad Casemates, underground corridors for rapid troop movement came to existence in 17. and 18. centuries during the construction of bastion fortification. The corridors are about 1.6 metres (5.2 feet) wide and 2 metres (8.5 feet) high. They have regularly-spaced ventilation shafts leading to the rampart walkways. In some places, the tunner feature embrasures for light firearms and alcoves where weapons and tools were stored. The Vyšehrad Casemates are divided into four independent sections and their total length is 1017 metres (3336 feet). The first two sections start from the Brick Gate, one of them leads to the Gorlice Hall and the other one eds in the artillery redoubt (a fortified enclosure), where today’s Open Air Theatre is situated. The third section is called the St. Martin’s Casemates and runs near the Rotunda of St. Martin, the fourth section known as the Podolí Casemates is found close to the Children’s Playground. These two sections open into the moat in front of the Leopold Gate.

The section of Casemates between the Brick Gate and the Gorlice hall is a part of the guided tour The Casemates and the Gorlice Hall and the Pre-booked guided tour. St. Martin’s Casemates Casemates can be only visited as a part of the guided tour Baroque Fortress (only in Czech) according to the current schedule.